Small Equations

The truth about some things is that you never get them back. Retrospect makes for weak religion, its gospels full of little godless impossibilities slowly killing all your comebacks. There’s a math to moving forward but the geometry always gets us down. Everybody’s got an angle, the small equations figured out. And I’ve been divided […]

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#LittleCityStories: Origins

Hey there! With eight weeks to go until the release of my fourth anthology, I will be doing a weekly blog about the inspirations behind Little City and a few of the stories that shaped it. Tune in every Tuesday from now to June 9th to discover a little piece of history behind the poems. […]

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Dead Celebrity

Dead celebrity won the city of my soul. Her hold more Marilyn than most, mostly I just feel she’s gone. A thousand times drawn, thousand more romanticized. Dead celebrity benign as the rhinestone around her collar, on reality’s altar made me want to follow her until I’d caught up and shipped her home. But there’s […]

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My Crow Poet

And then the raven queried darling isn’t your last safe haven buried? a fairy tale you had hoped to carry with you all your days. Aren’t all these blacks you’ve been wearing just omens, the copious volumes of cigarette smoke codespeak for loneliness? Are we not all trying to atone for our opiates, whether with […]

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It must have been three or four in the morning jumping from one naked bed to the next imagining weeds growing out of my broken wing and how some people leave them in the cracks while others pull and trim. Every soul needs a rim every love a first and a last hymn I don’t […]

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Canary Spirit by EVAPOETX

fly away, little yellow bird phantom into the misty wood as my misty eyes watch ’til you fade I run in ellipticals to see you just once more– Once I catch a glimpse, an ivory-hued dove comes from above an engulfs you; I grab her by the neck and plead to give my feathered friend […]

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