A Perfect Hell

Can’t measure happiness with a meter stick; each increment’s a brick that put together builds a house. And that antique mailbox the world solicits and strange men see when they visit may flout the laws of our bond, but people, we’re still going strong. Let’em kick their shoes off, try to confuse us with their […]

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Oh thank the gods and all I have got to breathe; carbon dioxides of an ostracized air I didn’t think I’d need. Oh, thank the odds and political lightning rods I ain’t the banker who took this economy and tanked her. Nope, I’m a canker for your conscience, an anchor for my love; architect of […]

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Until Our Epic

Got a feeling we could watch our half lives on reel and never feel the medication working. Like a candlelit meal where I kneel before my love and she repeals me, darkness in the room conceals a naked emotion, favouring facade. And thinking of everything I had a short eternity ago, my chassis elopes and […]

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Angst is over-rated; I’m gonna go with fatalism. Forget the schism between bitches and beneficiaries, there’s no bourgeois by association on account of wearing those bastards down. Capitalist trainwrecks, no sweat derailing through rural townships, twenty-two cars of crude and the truth as crumpled as the houses they replace. Maybe I’m just sick of this […]

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ConfiscateĀ cigarettes and coffee from lesser ideologies and you’ve probably found my niche. Remove the crown from my queen and you’ll find her a commoner; family honour eschewed, but my queen she’ll always be. And you can take men from their words but never vice versa; keep poets from a turn of phrase, withhold solace from […]

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Gospels & Gerunds

I’ve watched my faith fall back like daylight savings; no guard for the gospels that guard me, lexicons alarmingly close to archaic and gerund ridden; more ailment than antidote for this life that’s wrapped its hand around my throat and squeezed. But I’ve learned to consider forests for their trees and whispers wandering between each […]

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Fanboys (Elle Oh Elle)

Originally posted on Retkon Poet:
Elle oh Elle I got your card that wished me well, hiding behind your Dell computer, intergalactic commuters of public opinion, coveting supremacy and sway over all its mindless minions- playing the victim like Alderaan, it’s a hard knock life for pixels and your imaginary pistol is no match for…

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My Friend Michelle

Never wanted to identify with your grand designs. There was a line we knew better to cross, but we were lost and rebellion ‘s the trademark of wayward hearts, all terrible costs aside. Never wanted to admit you gone; to long for your presence and lament you, hear your swan song on the long ride […]

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