Talks with my devils have always taken a non-verbal nature; largely free of analogy, syntax or point. We have coined words with our fingers and conveyed ideas as action rather than drive on the traction of promise. They are straightforward and honest, and though they bring guns to a fist fight, no attempt’s made to […]

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Future photograph, blank Polaroid. Like the face of a young boy, true colours not grown in yet. And I’ve searched this goldmine, of the stupid and asinine, to probe what kind of man I’d eventually be. You see his mother’s salvation in the time she has taken to teach him, but also an agent of […]

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Proxy of pleasure, full measure of pain. The torment you treasure, unopened letters you save. It’s wave after tsunami, a bravery talking I had not realized held sway; a fetus twin, most unfortunate kin hiding in plain sites of procreation, attempting dangerous games. My appetite for change has got a half- life of seconds, sufficient […]

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Set Me on Fire

Ambition led us to attrition ‘s shores. They said we were empire building but at the cost of four others. Burning rubbers and spent shells our breadcrumbs, sobbing mothers and cathedral bells an overdub. Gun over my shoulder, boots crunching broken glass. Villas learn of vitriol when their distant capitals fall. Foreign fighters divide and […]

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The Itinerary

Spin the plastic globe, an atlas you feel all alone in travelling. Hover over melting poles before you are too old to recall how grand they were, nestled into extremes the sun’s rays learned to alter. Land in this neighbourhood and I’ll teach you the good in never staying static. Unravel maps of what’s possible […]

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Death of a Poet

Yesterday mortality knocked on my door, just another suit selling self-important literature. Jesus’ signature scrawled, haphazard ligatures sprawled. It was the gall of the whole thing that got to me. Suddenly, I felt nauseated, immediate correlation put on pause by causation. The suit broke my fall and called it gracious a collapse as he had […]

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Love Untitled

I am perhaps the worst lover you’ve ever known. I’m arrogant and much prefer my days alone. I can be reckless. I don’t pick up the phone if the number’s unknown to me. Stay up ’til three AM because I can’t spend my whole life sleeping. I open old wounds just to prove they’re worth […]

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You Can’t Help Me Now

There’s civil war brewing in my soul. Propaganda headlines, patriotism hitting record high. It’s in the eyes of people young and old, on leaflets stapled to telephone poles. It’s the ring on her left, oh the wear it will endure waiting on your letters home. It’s in the meadows, chosen battlefields and the televised spiels […]

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